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Hardy Succulent Mix

Sempervivum assorted

Simply provide a porous, fast draining soil, plenty of sunlight, good air circulation and water and watch these take off.  These plants need a winter dormancy period to flower the following summer.  Deer resistant.  Grows 2-6" tall and 6-12" wide.  Zones 3-8.

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Product's Features

Colors: Pink, Red, Burgundy, Yellow, Green
Plant Lighting: Full Sun
Season Color: Summer
Max Height (feet): 2-6"
Max Spread: 6-12"
Planting Zones: 3,4,5,6,7,8
Deer Resistant: Yes
Hummingbird Attracting:
Butterfly Attracting:
Drought Tolerant: Yes
Cut Flower:
Botanical Name: Sempervivum assorted
Additional Characteristics:


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